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Project Documents

Documents prepared for the Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan will be posted here as they become available.

Public Review Draft Plan

Please email comments on the Public Review Draft Plan to Sarah Neuse at

Complete Plan (32mb PDF)

Individual Chapters
Chapter 1: Overview (11mb PDF)
Chapter 2: Vision (0.8mb PDF)
Chapter 3: Sustainable Land Use and Transportation Pattern (8.8mb PDF)
Chapter 4: Focused Development and Community Character (25mb PDF)
Chapter 5: Transportation (4.4mb PDF)
Chapter 6: Natural Resources (3.2mb PDF)
Chapter 7: Focus Areas (9.6mb PDF)
Chapter 8: Implementation (10mb PDF)
Appendix A: Cross Sections (0.2mb PDF)
Appendix B: Transportation Improvements (0.1mb PDF)
Appendix C: Growth Projections (0.1mb PDF)
Appendix D: Public Participation (0.1mb PDF)

Focus Areas Maps (February 2013)

Revised Guiding Principles and Vision Statement (February 2013)

Existing Conditions Report for the Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan (October 2012)

Printed copies of this document are available for sale at the County Planning Department for $25, and may be viewed for free at the following public libraries: Downtown Santa Cruz, Live Oak, Aptos, Felton, Boulder Creek, Porter Memorial in Soquel, and the Watsonville Library.”

Complete Report (High-Resolution 76.8 mb link directs you to a separate download page)
Complete Report
(Low-Resolution 48 mb – link directs you to a separate download page)

Individual Chapters (All Low-Resolution)

Cover and Table of Contents (1 mb)
Introduction (3 mb)
Land Use Part I (6.2 mb)
Land Use Part II (5.2 mb)
Urban Design (6.4 mb)
Population and Housing (620 kb)
Environmental Resources (4.2 mb)
Economic Vitality and Fiscal Health (792 kb)
Transportation Part I (7.9 mb)
Transportation Part II (5.6 mb)
Existing Plans and Regulations Part I (3.8 mb)
Existing Plans and Regulations Part II (4.9 mb)
Appendix A: References (92 kb)

Appendix B: Demographic, Economic and Real Estate Market Existing Conditions Analysis
for the Santa Cruz County Transit Corridors Plan
 (1.1 mb)

Appendix C:  Transportation Existing Conditions Memorandum for the Santa Cruz County
Transit Corridors Plan
(57.4 mb - link directs you to a separate download page)
Appendix C Supplemental Memo: Vehicle Count Comparison: School Year to Summer Break (4.7 mb)

Existing Conditions Report Individual Map Figures

Figure I-1 Regional Context
Figure I-2 Project Area_11x17
Figure LU-1 Existing Land Use_11x17
Figure LU-2 Vacant and Underutilized Parcels_11x17
Figure LU-3 Larger Development Projects
Figure LU-4 Population Concentration_11x17
Figure LU-5 Employment Concentration_11x17
Figure LU-6 Land Use Diversity
Figure UD-1 Natural Setting_11x17
Figure UD-2 Gateways and Barriers_11x17
Figure UD-3 – Soquel Corridor Design Character
Figure UD-3 – Section 1 7th Avenue to 41st Avenue_11x17
Figure UD-3 – Section 2 41st Avenue to Monterey Avenue_11x17
Figure UD-3 – Section 3 Monterey Avenue to Mar Vista Drive_11x17
Figure UD-3 – Section 4 Mar Vista Drive to Spreckels Drive_11x17
Figure UD-4 Typical Block Size in Live Oak, Soquel, and Aptos
Figure UD-5 Community Gathering Places_11x17
Figure NR-1 Biological Resources
Figure NR-2 Water Resources
Figure NR-3 Natural Hazards
Figure T-1 Roadway Network Classifications
Figure T-2 Daily Roadway Volumes and Level of Service_11x17
Figure T-3 Intersection Performance_11x17
Figure T-4 Bus Routes_11x17
Figure T-5 Bicycle Facilities_11x17
Figure T-6 Bicycle Facilities Issues and Options
Figure T-7 Walking Audit Issues & Opportunities_11x17
Figure T-8 Walking Audit Issues & Opportunities_11x17
Figure T-9 Public On-Street and Off-Street Parking Facilities_11x17
Figure E-1 General Plan Land Use Designations
Figure E-2 Housing Element Opportunity Sites_11x17
Figure E-3 Zoning Districts
Figure E-4 Town and Community Plans
Figure E-5 City of Capitola General Plan Land Use Map
Figure E-6 City of Santa Cruz General Plan Land Use Map